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Abbazia di Monte Oliveto Maggiore

Abbey S. AntimoLocated near Sienna, visit this abbey to see the 36 frescoes in the Green Cloisters, by artist Luca Signorelli, in the Great Cloister which recount the life of Saint Benedict.

Located on a hillthis was one of the first abbey of the Benedictine Order of Monte Olilveto. it is the largest of those built in Tuscany.

Founded in 1313 by Bernardo Tolomei. Bernardo was a member of an important family in Siena. He decided to make a change in his life and live in solitude.

Abbaye Monte Oliveto MaggioreThe Order of the Olivetans was famous as during the Black Death, its memvbers volunatrily left the safety of their monasteries to minister to victims of the plague in the towns. Eight of the borthers from the Monte Oliveto Maggiore Monastery lost their lives due to their work in the towns during that time period.

Work actually started in 1320 and Pope Clement VI confirmed congregation in 1344. Today, the abbey remains the official residence of the general abbottt of the Monte Oliverto Benedictine congreation.

The abbaye closes over the lunch time period, so plan your travel accordingly. On one of our visits when we arrived we thought how good it was that the parking lot was not full! Well as soon as we walked up across the wood bridge to the large doors we found out why.

Abbey di Oliveto Maggiore Frescoes at Oliveto Maggiore