We are looking forward to returning to Napoli.

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    We will be staying at the Napoli Class B&B
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We will be staying at the Napoli Class B&B, located on via Santa Brigida, this is located right across the street from the Galeria Umberto.

Naples is Italy's third-largest city is one of its oldest, most artistic and most appetising. The historica centre, centro storico, is a Unesco World Heritage Site. It has palaces, castles and churches.Rome has a more polished tourist environment, Naples is authentic.


See Giovanni Lanfranco's fresco in the Cappella di San Gennaro (Chapel of St Janarius), the 4th-century mosaics in the baptistry, or the thrice-annual miracle of San Gennaro, do not miss Naples' cathedral. Kick-started by Charles I of Anjou in 1272 and consecrated in 1315, it was largely destroyed in a 1456 earthquake, with copious nips and tucks over the subsequent centuries.

Leonardo Officina Italiana

Leonardo Officinia ItaliannaWe hope to link up with Salvatore Matrone to visit Leonardo Officina Italiana which is located just outside of Napoli. Salvatore makes custom fountain pens. He has a great collection of stunning Italian celluloids.