We end our travels with time in Rome.

We were unable to get our "regular" apartment, nor the great apartment we found in 2017. However, every search seems to find something and after many hours we found what looks to be a great apartment for our stay.

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    We have found another stunning apartment to rent in Rome.
    We will be located on via Alberico II, and this is between the Castel Sant'Angelo and the Vatican.
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Our apartment, located in the Prati Distrist of Rome, has a terrace attic is on the 5th floor of a building in the area between Castel Sant'Angelo and the Vatican. The apartment is on two floors. There are two furnished terraces.


Rome is a city of details, of experiences and of history. We return to Rome, with many visits. We enjoy being in the city, enjoying the culture. We hit many of the sights on trips a long time ago. Now, there is no pressure to vist a number of sights per day. Rather, we rise, I am out early in the monring for photography walks, when I return we enjoy our colazione, and then head out. We enjoying returning after lunch, enjoying some relaxing time on a patio.

Our advice to others is that you can miss the real Rome by only rushing to see the "named" sights. Yes, arrange to see the sights but Rome in three days may end up to be a dissapointment due to fatigue.

We also like to stay in areas a little removed from the main tourist sights. As long as we are a reasonable walk, all is fine. But frankly, to be anywhere near the Trevi Fountain or the Spanish Steps means being overcome with tourists.

One of the areas I enjoy each year is Riane V Ponte. Rione is an administrative area of the city. There were fourteen rione in Medieval Rome. Popes, Napoleon all changed the number of rione over time. Now there are twenty-two. Each has a coat of arms.

The Ponte refers to the Ponte Sant'Angelo which was built by Emperor Hadrian to connect his mausoleum to the city of Rome. The bridge itself if part of the Borgo rione. In the 16th century, Important families lived on streets such as Via Giulia or Via dei Coronari. I like the feel of walk the streets in the early morning.

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