We end our travels with time in Rome.

Rome, a city of details, of experiences and of history. We visit Rome almost every year, or often as we can. Seeing the "big" sights is part of being in Rome, but we enjoy just being in the city, enjoying the culture, experiencing the architecture, acknowledging the history of what we are seeing.

We saw many of the top sights on trips a long time ago. Now, there is no pressure to visit set number of sights, but that does not mean we don't enjoy revisiting. We always seem to find something new.

My schedule is to rise early in the morning for photography walks. Then on the way back, pick up something for our breakfast (colazione), and then later in the morning Karen and I head out together with some destination in mind.

Italy is about food, so while we are out, anytime after one, we will have a lunch (pranzo) and then make our way back to the our apartment.

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Before dinner (cena) I usually head out for a evening photo-walk, and then we may go out for a light meal, or something simply cooked up in the apartment. That's our life in Rome.

Our advice to others is that you can miss the real Rome by only rushing to see the "named" sights. Yes, arrange to see the sights but Rome in three days may end up to be a disappointment due to fatigue.

We also like to stay in areas that are a bit removed from the main tourist sights. We like to be centrally located, it is all about location, but a bit more in a "regular" neighborhood.

Pretty intensive photography time when I am in Rome. This year, I posted a note in Instagram and would be in Rome and asked if anyone wanted to go on a photo walk with me. Yes, I heard back from Ivna Mei and we had a most enjoyable walk through the Janiculumn Hill area of Rome. Great, here was a brand new area of Rome I knew nothing about.

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Castel Saint'Angelo

The Castle hold the tomb of Roman emperor Hadrian and was built in 134-139AD. Hadrian also had the bridge built, at the time called Pons Aelius. The baroque statues of angels were added later. The castle was more elaborate, but became a military fortress in 401. In the 14th century the Popes converted it into a true castle and connected it to the Vatican with the Passetto di Borgo. It became a refuse for the Popes in times of danger.

Ponte Saint'Angelo

Castel Saint'Angelo

Even a long exposure shot can't seem to get rid of the tourists on the bridge, but what a bridge. Built in 134. In 1534 Pope Clement VII had the statues added to the bridge. In 1669 Pope Clement IX commissioned Bernini, one of his last large projects, to replace the angel statues. Copies of the Bernini statues are on the bridge.

Ara Pacis

Ara Pacis

Just across the river from our apartment was the Ara Pacis, a Roman altar dedicated to Pax, the Goddess of Peace. It dates to 9 BC. The altar was buried under 4 meters of silt deposits. First fragments were found in 1568. The altar was recovered and re-assembled in 1938. A museum building was built around it. Walking through the altar will leave you silent.

Leonardo Furore

Furore by Leonardo Officina Italiana

Travels to Rome require a travel journal, and I brought to Rome this beautiful fountain pen by Leonardo Officina Italian, the Furore. More information on this pen is found on my pen web site: Glenn's Pens

Chianti Corsi

Chianti Corsi Rome


Rome is about Fashion

Chianti Corsi Rome