Basicilica of Santa Croce

Florence, Italy



Basilica of Santa Croce


Basicilica of Santa CroceThe Basilica of Santa Croce is the man Franciscan church of Florence. It is the largest Franciscan church in the world. It is the burial place of a number of famous Italians that include Michelangelo, Galielo and Rossini.

The church is known for its sixteen chapels, many of which, are decorated with frescoes.

Adjacent to the basilica is the convent complex with the cloisters. These include the novice's quarters, the Chapter Room, known as the Pazzi Chapel, and the refectory.

It is at the end of the cloisters that a a colonnade leads to a beautiful 15th century doorway by Giuliano da Maiano, which in turn leads to the Cappella de'Pazzi, one of Brunelleschi's masterpieces. Brunelleschi also designed the second Cloister of the Convent, or Greater Cloister, continued after his death by Bernardo Rossellino.

Santa Croce Cloister Santa Croce Cloisters
Santa Croce Cloistser Santa Croce Cloisters
Santa Croce Cloisters Santa Croce Cloisters