Cathedral de la Santa Creu i Santa Eulalia

Barcelona, Spain



La Seu


The cathedral's full name is Cathedral de la Santa Creu i Santa Eulalia, and it is known as La Seu. It was named after Barcelona's patron saint, Eulalia.

The original building was destroyed by the Moors in 985. A Roman cathedral build between 1046 and 1058 was erected and the Capella de Santa Llucia was added between 1257 and 1268. It was later incorporated in the cloister next to the cathedral.

Then in 1298 the cathedral, with the exception of the Santa Lucia Chapel, was demolished and the gothic cathedral was started under King Jaume II.

The building was a long haul. It was not until 1460 that the main building was completed. The gothic facade was finished in 1889 and the spire was added in 1913.

The cloisters, with palm trees and white geese make it a unique visit. There are always 13 geese in the central courtyard, one goose for each year of the life of the martyr Santa Eululia. She was tortured to death in the 4th century by the Romans because of her religion.

The cloisters date from 14the century. The geese have lived in the cloister’s pond for over five centuries with no exact reason behind their presence.




We have visited the Cathedral and the cloisters twice with our last visit in 2002. Each time thoroughly enjoyable.