Imagine ... eight friends renting a villa in Tuscany ... la dolce vita

Banfi Estate


The Castello Banfi is the centre of a network of vineyards - a family-owned vineyard estate and winey in the Brunello region of Tuscany. They have estates in Piedmont, Bigne Regali and Principessa Gavi. The company is known in many markets for the quality to wine its produces.


We made the mistake of the two cars taking different routes, but in the end, we did make it to the Banif Castello in time for our reservation. We had oneof their five course tasting menus with the appropriate wine paired with each course. The restaurant is Michelin Starred.

The food was delicious, and some opted for a three course meal. It was a real treat to have the different wines with each course, and something we don't do enough of at home - change the wine with the course. Oh well, a new goal to reach.

Banfi Ristorante

After the lunch a walk around the grounds and to visit the glass museum. The museum has a collection of glass works that include Picasso, Cocteau and Dali, and an extensive selection of glassware from Murano, Venice. The museum is open seven days a week from 10 to 7.


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