When we planned the trip, we knew there was lots to do. We wanted to have a couple of beach days near the end so that we could relax. We have been to Sperlonga before. IT has a great location, being only about an hour and a half from Rome.

On our previous trips we had seen the Hotel Aurora and made a note that when we return, this would be the hotel that we would be aiming for. We stayed at the Hotel Aurora, on the beach. The hotel is now one of our Great Places To Stay.

Hotel Aurora - SperlongaThis historic centre of Sperlonga is at the top of a rocky cliff. Along the beach is the modern town. The northern part of the Sperlonga beach is the location of the the Hotel Aurora and it is just a short walk from one of the old medieval ports and stairs that lead into the maze of small alleys.

The hotel has a grand feel about it. Gardens, lounges etc are all quite large with a great look and feel. The room includes your beach chairs and you will want to spend sometime on the beach. There is great fine white sand.

Hotel Aurora - SperlongaThis year, as a special treat, we made reservations in advance at a restaurant we had been at before. Well, was it ever a disappointment. Gli Archi is not a place we would recommend as we got pretty gruff service and we are sure over-charged for our meals.


The surround country-side around Sperlonga is not that attractive. In fact much of the coast along here was previously marshes that the Romans spent a fair amount of time and effort draining as way of combating malaria. So while the coast is predominately flat, the rocky cliff of Sperlonga is a welcome sight to our eyes.


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