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Velia de Anglais operates Velia`s Cooking Style - Italian Cooking School and more. ( We have known Velia for a number of years, and I have had cooking lessons from her before, so we were so pleased to able to make a group cooking event as part of the trip. (Pictured above, left to right: Margot Or, Velia de Anglais, Maxine Or, Chris Grant, Glenn Marcus.)

Velia Cooking StyleVelia`s approach is that wine and food are the perfect keys to discovering and understanding lands and regions.

Born in Orvieto, and while working in London, she spent many hours in the kitchen of one of London`s restaurants fulfilling her passion for cooking.

In 2001 she opened her first cooking school in Montepertuso/Positano. She worked as a consultant to small firms and a large wine company, always searching for the best raw materials.

Velia`s Cooking Style is simple. She follows her family’s traditions and presents them in such a way that is easy to learn the real “Italian Cooking Style”.

We met at Velia`s kitchen, located in the small town of Monterubiaglio, located about 10 km north west of Orvieto. The class was the right balance of hands on food preparation and some watching and learning.

Chris Grant cooking at Velia`s Cooking StyleThe menu we put together was impressive. We made two types of breads, an eggplant-chicken roll - eggplant, stuffed with tomatoes, arugula, and dry ricotta cheese. On so good.

We also make chicken breasts stuffed with sausage and cheese.

Of course we wanted pasta and we made ravioli stuffed with spinach and ricotta cheese. Because pasta was on our mind, Velia also went through the process or making pasta, rolling it out and cutting with with a knife for a linguini. That with a pesto sauce with simple and tasty.

The fig and chocolate tarter was the crowning event that ended our meal. Brava!



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