Imagine ... eight friends renting a villa in Tuscany ... la dolce vita



Karen, Glenn, Chis and Carmen we fortunate enough to be invited to an annual wine festival at the Falesco Winery ( The winery is owned by the brothers Riccardo and Renzo Cotarella.

The area of their vineyard has been known for wine for some time. Wine from this area was a privilege of the Roman aristocracy and the Popes. Not utilized as a wine area for many years, Riccardo and Renzo took on the challenge to bring the area back in terms of quality wine. The reviews of their wines is very positive as through the cases of wine we drank, we can attest to its quality.

As we have learned, wines are all a result of composition of soils and location in terms of altitude and exposure to the sun. The Poggio dei Gelsi vineyard is 400 metres above sea level with a south west exposure looking towards the Bolsena lake. Boy, was that white wine great!

The Montiano, a vintage that came on in 1993, was a special favourite of ours. We bought a couple of cases to bring back to the Villa and needless to say, it was all enjoyed with the meals and good times we had there.

Teams out in the vineyards picking grapes Stomping the grapes
Teams out in the vineyards picking grapes. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be! After the picking it means jumping into and stomping the grapes.
Elegant lunch in vineyard Falesco lunch
After the work of picking and stomping the grapes we had an elegant lunch for 150 in the vineyard. The wine was flowing, the food was great. Everyone had a very good time. No problem getting a "cin cin" from that crowd!


We had teams, and we charged to pick grapes in an assigned row. Pick the most, that was one of the criteria to win! Then the grapes were stomped - shoes off and jump in! After all the work there was an elegant lunch for the 150 guests. A long table was set up in the vineyard. Bales of hay were used for seating. Lots of wine, lots of food. Getting a toast to good times was no problem.


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