Dindina Agriturismo - cooking in the Langhe

Dindina Agriturismo Cooking Class


The Langhe area is known for its wine - Barolo wine is one of the top wines from this area - just south of Torino. So when you come to this area you will be rewarded with great landscapes, food and wine.

area around Negiglie Mattteo and Delphina were our hosts for an incredible cooking event
The landscape is incredible. Here is just one of the views from the Dindina Agriturismo in the small town of Neviglie. Matteo and Delfina were our hosts for a great cooking course.

Our friend Bruno, of the Hotel Corte Gondina in La Morra, one of our Great Places to Stay, made the arrangements for us to spend half a day at the Dindina Agriturismo for a cooking course.

Dindina AgriturismoThe Agriturismo Dindinais located in the small town of Neviglie.

This small town is located south west of Alba. It is like a hamlet, and will not show on some maps. It is not that far from the small town of Treiso. Once you get to Treiso, you will be able to follow signs. Don't worry about any traffic, these are all very small country roads so the drive will be easy, and most enjoyable as you work your way through the vineyards.

When you reach the main square of Neviglie there is a small church on the left. On the right there is a small building. It looks like a door to a very small building.

Dindina AgriturismoThis is just the entrance to the Agriturismo Dindina. The building extends down the hill, so there is much more than just this small doorway!

The agriturismo has three beautiful rooms that are rented. Each of the rooms was different with it own special decor. The views our of the rooms are over the hills and vineyards of the area. Because of Karen's travel planning work we spent some time and walked through all the rooms.

But today, our reason for arriving was to have a day of cooking.

Our kitchen - Dindina Agriturismo Making gnocchi at the Dindina Agriturismo
Our well equipped kitchen at the Dindina Agriturismo. Karen, Glenn, Carmen and Chris around the table preparing a dish.
Dindina Agriturismo Dindina Agriturismo
Glenn at work on the stove. Carmen, Chis and Glenn chopping the carrots, celery and onion that will go into the beef dish.

The class was great. A wealth of knowledge in terms of cooking techniques and skills, we worked on every dish that we prepared, and best of all, at the end of it, we had one of those lunches you won't forget for a long time.

Delfina does not speak english, but she was skills in communicating. Matteo, her son, accompanies her in the classes and he explained all the techniques to follow.

Gnocchi cooked at Dindina AgriturismoWe made a number of dishes, but one of them, gnocchi, has become the standard to which we judged any dish of gnocchi we had for the balance of the trip.

With guidance from Delfina, in no time we had those little knobs of dough rolling off the tines of our forks — the little grooves allow the sauce to get attached — to make the perfectly shaped gnocchi.


Spinach Flans - Dindina Agriturismo

Another of the dishes that are on my list of those to re-create now that I am back in Canada is the Spinach Flan. The ingredients are all those that I can get in Canada and this will be a dish that no will doubt be included in My Favorite Dinner Party.


Agriturismo Dindina
Via Re Umberto I 21,
12050 Neviglie (CN)
Tel: (+39) 0173630132
Fax: (+39) 0173630132

email: info@dindina.it
web site: www.dindina.it


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