Trento-Alto Adige

Trento-Alto Adige RegionThis Region is on our list of places to see. Austria is to the north, and Switzerland is to the north west. This is a mountainous region. The Region was awarded to Italy as part of the Treaty of Saint-Germain and later, Benito Mussolini introduced a program of italianization .

About 60% of the population speaks Italian, 35% or so German. Trento is the capital of the Region and it has two autonomous provinces: Trento or Trentino and Bolzano-Bozen.

We understand some of the sights to include:

  • ┬áIn Trento the cathedral and Buon Consiglio Castle.
  • In Bolzano, the Gothic cathedral.
  • The Spa Resort of Merano.

The coast has numerous resort locations.


Giulianova is one town that has a medieval section set back from the beach area. In town is the Santa Maria a Mare, a Romanesque monument with interesting bas-reliefs on its façade.


We visited Pescara and I must admit, although this is Abruzzo's biggest resort I was not taken with the town.

We went to Pecara because of its beach. I stretches for some 15 km but the coast is filled with non-stop hotels. The Pescara beach itself has a 6.5 km seaside promenade. We did stop at one of the cafes and have lunch along the water. It was okay, but there was not enough for my liking to stay much longer. Lucikly we were not here in August. In that month I understand life is almost unbearable along this stretch. In the other months you will have plenty of room to yourself.